GATE ECE Study Plan

GATE ECE Study Plan

ByAina Parasher  |  Updated on: Jul 29, 2022
Find out the GATE ECE Study Plan. Know the BYJU'S Exam Prep GATE 2023 Champion Study Plan. Achieve better rank and build your concepts with the excellent study plan.

Candidates preparing for the GATE ECE exam are looking for all help they can get in the preparation. Here we have discussed the BYJU'S Exam Prep GATE 2023 Champion Study Plan. With the help of this plan, candidates can score well in the GATE ECE exam. Go through the sections below to know about the topic wise study plan for the upcoming GATE ECE exam.

GATE 2023 Electronics and Communication Study Plan​

The Champion Study Plan and Revision Study Plan will be helpful to all the candidates preparing for GATE 2023 as it will be a one-stop destination for every preparation requirement and provide an extra edge to their preparation.

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GATE 2023 Electronics & Communication Study Plan



Communication System
Important Articles
Modulation and Demodulation-1
Modulation and Demodulation-2
Random Processes & Variables
Information Theory
Modulation Schemes and Decoding-I
Modulation Schemes and Decoding-II
Multiplexing and Digital Coding Techniques
SNR, BER, and Bandwidth
Subject Revision
Electromagnetic Theory
Important Articles
Coordinate Systems & Vector Calculus
Maxwell’s Equations
EM Wave Propagation
Plane Waves and Properties
Transmission Lines-1
  • Study Notes
  • EMT Champion Quiz-8
Transmission Lines-2
  • Study Notes
  • EMT Champion Quiz-9
  • Study Notes
  • EMT Champion Quiz-10
  • Study Notes
  • EMT Champion Quiz-11
Basics of Radar
  • Study Notes
  • EMT Champion Quiz-12
  • Theory Class
  • Practice Class byjusexamprep
Light Propagation in Optical Fibers
  • Study Notes
  • EMT Champion Quiz-13
  • Theory Class
  • Practice Class byjusexamprep
Subject Revision
  • Electromagnetic Theory Revision Notes
  • Reward-Based Practice Session

Highlights of Champion Study Plan

  • Study Plan covers the Complete Preparation required for GATE 2023 Exam.
  • Study Plan is designed for approx 130 days from July 20th, 2022.
  • Study plan includes the following:
    • Daily Notes: Study Notes will be posted for a single topic as per the scheduled plan.
    • Important Articles such as Formulas, Important Topics, Weightage Analysis etc.
    • Formula Notes: It will be posted after the completion of the subject.
    • Daily Quiz: Daily one quiz will be posted for the scheduled topic of the same day.
    • Subject Revision Quiz: Subject Revision Quiz will be posted after the completion of every subject.
    • National Champion Quiz: National Champion Quiz will be posted after the completion of every two subjects.
    • Semi-Syllabus Quiz: One Semi-Syllabus Quiz will be posted after the completion of half syllabus and the other will be posted after the completion of the other half syllabus.
    • Full-Syllabus Quiz: Full-Syllabus Quiz will be posted after the completion of complete syllabus.
  • 1/3rdof marks deducted for every wrong answer.
  • Both 1 Mark questions and 2 Mark questions will be provided in the quizzes which include MCQ's, MSQ's & NAT questions.
  • Along with Study Notes and Daily Quiz, from this year onwards we are planning FREE App classes in parallel such that classes will be at 11 AM for all branches on App along with YouTube classes on our GATE Main Channel according to the Below mentioned Time-Slots:
  • There will be one Earn While You Learn Session at the completion of every Subject. Students will win Paytm Prizes. They can attend all the Theory and Practice classes that are running on App as well as on YouTube and prepare accordingly to win Paytm pizes.

GATE 2023 Electronics & Communication Study Plan

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Study Plan for GATE ME Engineering Mathematics 2023

BYJU’S Exam Prep is initiating the most awaited GATE 2023 Champion Study Plan for Engineering Mathematics from 5th October 2022 for all the aspiring candidates for GATE 2022. This article has a comprehensive GATE 2023 schedule plan for preparing for Engineering Mathematics. The following detailed schedule helps prepare Engineering Mathematics with one of the best subject notes, quizzes and articles for each topic in Engineering Mathematics.

GATE 2023 Engineering Mathematics Study Plan:

DateTimeClass Link
6-October-20228:00 PM
Rank & Linear System of Equations
7-October-20228:00 PM
Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors
8-October-20228:00 PM
Limits, Continuity, Differentiability & Mean Value Theorems
9-October-20228:00 PM
Multivariable Calculus
10-October-20228:00 PM
Maxima & Minima
12-October-20228:00 PM
Definite Integrals
13-October-20228:00 PM
Multiple Integrals, Areas & Volumes
14-October-20228:00 PM
Applications of DEL Operator
15-October-20228:00 PM
Vector Integrals & Theorems
16-October-20228:00 PM
Conditional Probability & Baye's Theorem
17-October-20228:00 PM
Probability Distribution Functions
19-October-20228:00 PM
Binomial, Poisson & Exponential Distributions
20-October-20228:00 PM
Uniform & Normal Distribution
21-October-20228:00 PM
1st Order Differential Equations
22-October-20228:00 PM
Higher-order Differential Equations
23-October-20228:00 PM
Partial Differential Equations
24-October-20228:00 PM
Analytic Functions
26-October-20228:00 PM
Contour Integrals & Residues


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