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Analog Circuits: Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

If the following op-amp is ideal, then v0 is

Question 2

Assuming that the opamp in the circuit shown below is ideal, the output voltage V0 (in volts) is______

Question 3

The circuit in Figure is a
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Question 4

A Hartley Oscillator is used for generating

Question 5

The h-parameters of a CE amplifier feeding a load of 10 kΩ are hie =1 kΩ. hfe = 50, hre = 0, and 1/hoe = 40 kΩ. The voltage gain would be.

Question 6

Which statement is correct in case of ideal OPAMP?

Question 7

For 4–bit DAC shown, analog output voltage assuming ideal OPAMP will be ______ V

Question 8

For the circuit shown below, assume that the OPAMP is ideal.

Which one of the following is TRUE?

Question 9

The OP-AMP circuit shown above represents a

Question 10

A regulated power supply, shown in figure below has an unregulated input (UR) of 15 Volts and generates a regulated output Vout. Use the component values shown in the figure.

In the figure above, the ground has been shown by the symbol.
The power dissipation across the transistor Q1 shown in the figure is:
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