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Network Theory : Nuclear Quiz 2

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Question 1

In the given network, the voltage across the capacitor attains what percentage of its final steady state value in 20 s.

Question 2

Three equal impedance are first connected in delta across a 2-phase balanced supply. If the same impedances are connected in star across the same supply then,

Question 3

For the network shown below, calculate the equivalent resistance Req (in ohms). Let the value of each resistor be 3 ohm.

Question 4

The circuit shown below is driven by a sinusoidal input . The steady state output v0 is

Question 5

The time domain behavior of an RL circuit is represented by

For an initial current of , the steady state value of the current is given by

Question 6

The values of R, L and C in series RLC circuit that resonates at 1.5 KHz and consumes 50 W from a 50 V ac source operating at the resonant frequency. The bandwidth is 0.75 KHz.

Question 7

The transfer function of an RLC circuit is given by:

The quality factor (Q-factor) of the circuit is:

Question 8

Find i(in A) through R5 resistor in the given circuit using Thevenin’s theorem:

R1=5 Ω
R2=2 Ω
R3=1 Ω
R4=5 Ω
R5=5 Ω

Question 9

For the circuit given in the figure, the voltage (in volts) across the capacitor is

Question 10

Consider the network given below

The Thevenin equivalent resistance between the terminal a-b is

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