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Electromagnetic Fields : Nuclear Quiz 2

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Question 1

An electric charge of q coulombs is located at the origin. Consider electric potential V and electric field intensity E at any point (x, y, z). Then

Question 2

The ratio of the charges stored by two metallic sphere raised to the same potential is 6. The ratio of the surface area of the sphere is

Question 3

What is the force developed pet meter length between two current-carrying conductor 10cm apart and carrying 1000A and 1500 A currents, respectively?

Question 4

A current of 5 passes along the axis of a cylinder of a 5cm radius. The flux density at the surface of the cylinder is

Question 5

What is the electric flux density (in) at a point (6, 4, -5) caused by a uniform surface charge density of 60 at a plane x=8?

Question 6

A long straight non-magnetic conductor of radius 8mm is carrying a uniform current density of 100kA/m2 in the az direction For this case, which one of the following is not correct?

Question 7

Two point charges in a dielectric medium withDescription: E:\Gate\Gate-EC\04_Elctromgntic_BL-done_files\image001.png=2.25 interact with a magnitude of force of F1 newtons.The magnitude the force F2 it the same charges were present in free space is given by.

Question 8

Two uniform sheet charges of infinite extent, each with surface charge density Description: E:\Gate\Gate-EC\04_Elctromgntic_BL-done_files\image101.png are Placed at x=2 and z=5 respectively. The electric field Description: E:\Gate\Gate-EC\04_Elctromgntic_BL-done_files\image032.png is given by

Question 9

If the magnetic field H = (0.01/ μo) ax A/m, calculate the force on a charge of 1pC moving with a velocity of 106ay m/sec.

Question 10

The derivation of Poynting vector requires:
i. Gauss' Divergence Law
ii. Faraday's law
iii. Ampere-Maxwell's Law
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