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Electronic Devices and Circuits : Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

In a JFET, operating above pinch-off voltage, the

Question 2

The main drawback of a JFET is its:

Question 3

The drain of n-channel MOSFET is shorted to the gate so that VGS = VDS. The threshold voltage (VT) of MOSFET is 1V. If the drain current ID is 1 mA for VGS = 2V, then for VGS = 3V, ID =?

Question 4

Determine the trans-conductance for a JFET at, if

Question 5

An n-channel JFET has a pinch-off voltage VP = –5V, VDS(max) = 20 V and Im = 2mA/V. The minimum ‘on’ resistance is achieved in the JFET for

Question 6

The E-MOSFET is normally-off MOSFET when:

Question 7

If an n-channel E-MOSFET has and the over drive voltage required to operate the MOSFET in saturation region is 4V, then the drain current produced by the E-MOSFET is

Question 8

The variation of drain current with gate–to–source voltage (ID – VGS) characteristic of a MOSFET is shown in Fig.Q.16. The MOSFET is

Question 9

What percentage of current is the drain current for a JFET, if the gate-to-source voltage is 70% of the pinch-off voltage?

Question 10

Find the pinch off voltage of a jFET of Nd = 150 cm-3 and channel half-width 25 cm. The permittivity of the material is 1.5 F/cm.
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