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Signals & Systems : Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

Z-Transform of the function

Question 2

The z - transform of (1/2)nu(-n) is

Question 3

Consider the z-transform  with ROC given as |z| < 2. The corresponding inverse z-transform is:

Question 4

Laplace transform of . The Laplace transform of is

Question 5

The unilateral Laplace transform of is . The unilateral Laplace transform of tf (t) is

Question 6

If the Laplace transform of x(t) is X(s). Then the Laplace transform of  is

Question 7

Consider the signal given below,

If then the z-transform X(z) is

Question 8

The z - transform of a signal is given by . Its final value is

Question 9

Find the ROC of the given following sequence

Question 10

If the poles of the signal x(t) = A e-at.u(t) + B e-bt.u(-t) are –a and -b such that |b| > |a|, then their region of convergence (ROC) is :
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