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Analog Communication: Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

The aerial current of an AM transmitter is 18 A when unmodulated, but increases to 20 A when modulated. The modulation index is

Question 2

An amplitude-modulated amplifier has a radio frequency output of 60 W at 100% modulation. The internal loss in the modulator is 6 W. What is the unmodulated carrier power?

Question 3

An audio signal, 15 sin (21500t) amplitude modulates 60 sin (2106t). The modulation index will be.

Question 4

What will be the total modulation index if a wave is amplitude modulated by three sine waves with modulation indices of 25%, 50% and 75%?

Question 5

The power contained in single sideband in amplitude modulation is

Question 6

A bandwidth of 10 kHz is required for AM system. If the lowest frequency component in the modulated signal is 555 kHz, carrier frequency in kHz is

Question 7

Amplitude modulation is used by broadcasting because

Question 8

the antenna current of an AM transmitter is 8A when only the carrier signal is transmitted. What is the antenna current when the carrier signal is modulated by sinusoidal signal V(t) = 1.4 sin (2π × 500t) with modulation index 0.8?

Question 9

In amplitude modulation AM, if modulation index ismore than 100% then:

Question 10

An AM Scheme is working with a modulation index of 0.8. Power efficiency of this modulation scheme is
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