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Digital Communication: Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

A speech signal is sampled at 8 kHz and encoded into PCM format using 8-bit sample. The PCM data is transmitted through a baseband via 16-level PAM. The transmitted power in comparison to binary PAM (2-level PAM) must be

Question 2

For Base-band binary PAM system, bit-rate and roll of factor is 56 Kbps and 0.25, respectively. The Bandwidth requirement is

Question 3

If ‘N signals are multiplexed using PAM band limited to fm, the channel bandwidth need not be larger than

Question 4

Sampling rate of Delta modulation compared to pulse code modulation is

Question 5

In a PCM system of telemetry, the quantization noise depends on:

Question 6

For a 10-bit PCM system, the signal to quantization noise ratio is 62 dB. If the number of bits is increased by 2, then how would the signal to quantization noise ratio change?

Question 7

A sinusoidal signal of amplitude A is quantized by a uniform quantizer Assume that the signal utilizes all the representation levels of the quantizer. If the signal to quantization noise ratio is 31.8 dB the number of levels in the quantizer is _________-

Question 8

A sinusoidal signal of 2 kHz frequency is applied to a delta modulator. The sampling rate and step-size Δ of the delta modulator are 20, 000 sample per second and 0.1 V, respectively. To prevent slope overload, the maximum amplitude of the sinusoidal signal (in Volts) is

Question 9

Which one of the following signals can be applied to a delta modulator whose step size is 0.1 v and sampling frequency is 20 kHz so that no slope overload occurs?

Question 10

The input to a linear delta modulator having a step–size is a sine wave with frequency and peak amplitude . If the sampling frequency , the combination of the sine–wave frequency  and the peak amplitude, where slope overload will take place is


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