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Digital Circuits : Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

X = 01110 and Y = 11001 are two 5-bit binary numbers represented in two’s complement format. The sum of X and Y represented in two’s complement format using 6 bits is:

Question 2

Which of the following statements are true regarding a full subtractor circuit?

1) A full subtractor can be implemented using 2 half subtractors and one OR gate.

2) The minimum number of 2-input NOR gates required to implement the full subtractor is 8.

3) The minterm expression for Borrow in  full subtractor is: 

Question 3

In a particular number system the cubic equation:
x3 + bx2 + cx - 190 = 0 has the roots x = 5, x = 8, and x = 9. The base of the number system is _____________.

Question 4

Given that:
The radix 8’s complement of Y is

Question 5

A switching function of four variable, f (w, x y, z) is to equal the product of two other function and , of the same variable . The function f and f1 are as follows

The number of full specified function, that will satisfy the given condition, is

Question 6

If output of a 2 level AND OR gate is f, then what is the output if all gates are replaced by NOR.

Question 7

The function f (X Y Z) = Σm (3, 5, 7) can be expressed as 

Question 8

Which one of the following gives the simplified sum of products expression for the Boolean function F = m0 + m2 + m3 + m5 where m0, m2, m3 and m5 are minterms corresponding to the inputs A, B and C with A as the MSB and C as the LSB?

Question 9

The Boolean expression AC + Description: D:\GradeStack Courses\GATE Tests (Sent by Ravi)\GATE EC-ME-17-Mar\GATE-ECE-2004_files\image189.png is equivalent to

Question 10

The Boolean expression simplifies to
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