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Electromagnetic Fields : Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

Poisson’s equation is derived with the following assumption about the medium. The medium is:

Question 2

Continuity equation involves:

Question 3

The distance (in meters) a wave has to propagate in a medium having a skin depth of 0.1 m so that the amplitude of the wave attenuates by 20 dB, is

Question 4

Which among the following Maxwell’s equation represents conservation of electric field?

Question 5

If C is a closed curve enclosing a surface S, then the magnetic field intensity , the current density and the electric flux density are related by

Question 6

The magnetic field component of a wave in free space is given by . The wave is polarised in

Question 7

The intrinsic impedance of a lossy dielectric medium is given by

Question 8

Which of the following statement is NOT CORRECT for a plane with

Question 9

The loss suffered by the wave in the interval 0 < z < 3 m is

Question 10

The magnetic field of an EM wave travelling in free space is given by

The wave is

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