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Control Systems : Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

Considering the magnitude plot of the Bade diagram of a typical lag-lead compensator one can conclude that

Question 2

The polar plot of G(s) = for 0 in GH-plane is

Question 3

Consider a caused LTI system whose open loop transfer function has three poles in the right half complex plane with the remaining poles in the left half complex plane from the plot of the open loop transfer functions contour.Corresponding to the Nyquist contour, the corresponding negative feedback closed loop system will be stable only when

Question 4

Let G(S)H(S) be the open loop transfer function of a negative feedback closed loop system then the closeness of the G(jω) H(jω) locus to the -1 point is indicative of

Question 5

Consider a negative feedback closed loop transfer function whose open loop transfer function , the phase cross over frequency (in rad/s) is

Question 6

Gain margin of the standard second order under damped system is

Question 7

The Bode asymptotic plot of a transfer function is given in figure below. The transfer function has.

Question 8

The magnitude-frequency response of a control system is given below.

The value of ω1 and ω 2 in rad/second are respectively

Question 9

Which one of the following statements is true about a derivative controller?

Question 10

The state space representation and transfer function of a system is

TF = the elements c1 and c2 respectively are

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