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Signals & Systems : Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

If the signal  and , and a signal made by x1(n) and x2(n). this is  so fundamental time period of the signal x(n) is

Question 2

Even component of signal eσt is

Question 3

The fundamental time period of x(t) =  is ______.

Question 4

The signal x(t) =  is sampled at 100Hz, the time period (N) of generated discrete signal x(n) is ______.

Question 5

The signal is a

Question 6

A continuous time system has input and output x (t) and y (t) respectively. The system is defined by its input output relation y (t) = x (t2). The system is

Question 7

Consider two continuous time signal x(t) and y(t) shown in figure below

Which of the following relations is true?

Question 8

The convolution y[n] =

Question 9

The system y[n] = n x2(n) is a

Question 10

A linear time invariant system has an impulse response e2t, t > 0. If the initial conditions are zero and the input is e3t, the output for t > 0 is
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