45 Days Study Plan for PPSC JE Civil 2021 Exam, Check Daily Updated Study Notes

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Updated on: October 17th, 2023

45 Days Study Plan for PPSC JE Civil 2021 Exam: Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) released the notification for the recruitment of Junior Engineers in Civil Discipline to fill the vacancy of 585 posts in the Water Resource Department. Many of you are eagerly waiting for JE Vacancies and want to give your best to crack the PPSC JE 2021 exam.

Now it’s time to boost up your preparation and prepare for this examination in the best possible way. Thus, we are providing you with the sure succeed 45 Days best study plan for PPSC JE Civil Engineering 2021 exam. Proper study plan, revision, and quiz practice will always give you a lead over other aspirants and it will also boost your confidence.

Punjab Public Service Commission(PPSC) released the notification for the recruitment of Junior Engineer in Civil Discipline to fill the vacancy of 585 posts in the Water Resource Department. Candidates were eagerly waiting for this opportunity and have pulled up their socks to ensure sure shot success in this exam. 
Now its time to boostup your preperation and prepare for this examination in the best possible way. Proper study plan, revision ,and quiz practise will always give you lead over other aspirant and it will also boost your confidence.

Seeing the importance and relevance of this exam, BYJU’S Exam Prep is bringing 45 Days Study plan for PPSC JE Civil Engineering 2021 exam which focuses to provide all-important study notes along with the quizzes on the latest pattern to ace this exam. This will help you to take the upper edge among the other students.

Here is the list having a detailed schedule for PPSC JE Recruitment 2021 for Civil Engineering

PPSC JE Civil Engineering Study Plan 2021 (Daily Updated)

Civil Engineering
DAYS SUBJECT Notes  Date Quiz
Properties of Soil & Classification of Soil 15-Mar-2021 Attempt Now
2 Clay Mineral, Effective Stress in Soil 16-Mar-2021 Attempt Now
3 Seepage stress and Permeability of Soil 17-Mar-2021 Attempt Now
4 Compaction & consolidation Of Soil 18-Mar-2021 Attempt Now
5 Shear strength of soils 19-Mar-2021 Attempt Now
6 Earth Pressure theories & slope stability 20-Mar-2021 Attempt Now
7 Foundation 21-Mar-2021 Attempt Now
Stress – strain 22-Mar-2021 Attempt Now
9 SFD-BMD 23-Mar-2021 Attempt Now
10 Transformation of stresses 24-Mar-2021 Attempt Now
11 Bending Stress and Shear stress 25-Mar-2021 Attempt Now
12 Columns ,spring and prsuure vessels 26-Mar-2021 Attempt Now
13 Deflection 27-Mar-2021 Attempt Now
Cement 28-Mar-2021 Attempt Now
15 lime, mortar, aggregates, admixtures and Structural steel 29-Mar-2021 Attempt Now
16 Brick and brick masonry & stones 30-Mar-2021 Attempt Now
17 Concrete 31-Mar-2021 Attempt Now
18 timber and Other materials 1-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
19 ENGINEERING DRAWING Lettering, Dimensioning, Scales, Projections 2-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
20 ENGINEERING MECHANICS Introduction, Laws of forces, Moment, Friction, Centre of Gravity 3-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
Fluid Properties 4-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
22 Fluid Statics 5-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
23 Fluid kinematics and dynamics 6-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
24 Flow through pipes 7-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
25 laminar and turbulent flow 8-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
26 Open channel flow 9-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
27 Hydraulic machines 10-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
Principles of surveying & chain and Compass surveying 11-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
29 Levelling 12-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
30 Instruments 13-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
31 Theodolite Surveying, Tacho-metric surveying, Curves 14-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
32 EARTHQUAKE RESISTANT BUILDING CONSTRUCTION Introduction to IS: 4326, IS: 13828, IS: 1893(Part 1), 154326 and IS: 13920 & reinforcement detailing in masonry and RC
15-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
Water Demand & sources of water 16-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
34 Quality of water 17-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
35 Treatment of raw water 18-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
36 waste water characteristics 19-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
37 disposal of sewage effluents and design of sewer system and appurtenances 20-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
38 Treatment of Sewage 21-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
Geometric design and highway materials 22-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
40 traffic engineering and design of pavements 23-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
41 Railway engineering 24-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
42 IRRIGATION ENGINEERING Irrigation methods, design of irrigation canals 25-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
43 QUANTITY SURVEYING AND VALUATION Types of estimates, measurement, preparation of detailed and abstract & Common Schedule of Rates (CSR). 26-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
44 CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT CPM-PERT, Construction Labour (Labour Welfare Fund Act 1936 (as amended), Payment of Wages
Act 1936 (as amended), Minimum Wages Act 1948
27-Apr-2021 Attempt Now
45 BASICS OF MANAGEMENT  Basics of Management 28-Apr-2021 Attempt Now


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Benefits of the PPSC JE Study Plan 2021

  • by providing a proper study plan for each day so that if you follow this on regular basis, your complete syllabus will be covered much before the exam.
  • This includes the daily study notes for each and every topic consist of important concepts and formulas important for exam points of view.
  • It also includes the quizzes for each topic so that important concepts of the chapter can be easily revised by solving questions and it also helps to practice the problem-solving in the time frame manner which will lead to increase the accuracy and speed for the exam.

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