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Question 1

In a complete mix process

Qo = 10000 m3/day

BOD after PST = 150 mg/lit

Efficient BOD = 20 mg/lit

Volume of Aeration tank = 2000 m3

MLSS = 3000 mg/lit

F/M ratio will be

Question 2

A grit chamber has dimensions 15m * 2.0 m * 1.0 m liquid depth has a flow of 750 m3/hr. its surface loading rate is

Question 3

Aerobic method of composting is also known as

Question 4

The value of “C” of Indian type W.C. shown in the figure given below is

Question 5

A sewer, 1000 mm in diameter is laid at a slope to obtain a velocity of 0.8 m/s when running full. Assuming Manning’s formula as constant, what is the velocity in this sewer if it is running half full?

Question 6

The ventilation in sewers is needed to avoid the
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