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Question 1

A velocity field with no components in the y and z direction is given by:

V = 6 + 2xy + t2

The acceleration along the x direction at a point (3, 1, 2) at time t=2 is:

Question 2

The circulation around a circle of radius 2 units for the velocity field u = 3x+ 4y and v= 4-2y is

Question 3

Flownet is drawn for two dimensional converging boundary. The velocity of uniform flow at approach is 1.2 m/s. The size of the square is 1.2 cm side. The size of the square at another location in the stream tube is 0.5 cm. The velocity at this point is:

Question 4

The net force as per Navier stokes Equation is presented by

Question 5

Which one of the following phenomena in a pipe flow is termed as water hammer?

Question 6

In a venturimeter, cone angle of convergence side is_____.
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