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PPSC CE SOM_SFD-Deflection

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Question 1

A hinged support in a real beam

Question 2

A simply supported beam of span l and flexural rigidity EI carries a unit load at its mid-span. The strain energy at this condition in the beam due to bending is

Question 3

Statement 1: If the deflection at point A due to 5 KN load applied at B is 3 mm, then the deflection at B due to a unit load at A will be 15 mm.

Statement 2: Maxwell's reciprocal theorem states that deflection at a point A due to unit load at B will be equal to deflection at point B due to unit load at A

Question 4

A cantilever beam of length L is subjected to a moment M at a distance equal to L/4 from the fixed end. The deflection at free end due to this moment will be

Assume flexural rigidity of the beam is EI throughout the length.

Question 5

The amount of deflection in a beam depends upon

(i) The type of loading

(ii) Cross section of the beam

(iii) Modulus of elasticity of beam

(iv) Length of the member

Question 6

A cantilever beam PQ of uniform flexural rigidity (EJ) is subjected to a concentrated moment M at R as shown in figure.

Compute deflection at free end

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