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PPSC CE Quiz SOM_Stress - strain

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Question 1

Maximum allowable shear stress at a cross section is 100Kg/cm2. If tensile force of 5000kg is acting on the bar. Find area of the bar in cm2

Question 2

Calculate the Poisson ratio of a material whose modulus of elasticity and bulk modulus is 1 .45 × 105 MPa and 2 .175 ×105 MPa respectively.

Question 3

Consider the following statements:

Statement 1: Stress strain curve for same material having different dimensions will be different.

Statement 2: Stress strain curve is used to study the properties of material not the load deformation curve.

Question 4

A mild steel bar, 1.5 m long, has a square section 40 mm × 40 mm. The bar is subjected to a two-dimensional stress, (tensile) and (compressive).
Poisson’s ratio The elongation of the bar is the direction of will be

Question 5

A circular tapered bar with diameter D at one end and 4D at another end is subjected to an axial load of 500 kN. The ratio of actual deformation in bar to the deformation obtained by using mean diameter will be

Question 6

The total elongation of the structural element (fixed at one end, free at the other end, and of varying cross-section) as shown in the figure, when subjected to load 2P at the free end is
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