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Question 1

A ground water sample at a pH of 7.0 contains 152.5 mg/L of bicarbonates. What is the alkalinity of the water? (as CaCO3)

Question 2

Permissible limits for suspended solid and Alkalinity in domestic water is

Question 3

The amount of bleaching powder containing 20% available chlorine needed to chlorinate a rural water supply covering a population of 10000 at 60/lpcd at the rate of 2ppm is

Question 4

If the efficiencies of BOD removal of first and second stage trickling filter are each 70%, then what is the overall efficiency of filters?

Question 5

Which of the following if present in excess in water is responsible for causing lung diseases?

Question 6

A treatment plant has 2 rapid sand filters, if the water demand of a city is 24 million litres per day then find out how many more number of rapid sand filters are required for its treatment?
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