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Question 1

The biochemical oxygen demand of treated water (Drinking water) should be

Question 2

As per the environment protection rules, the permissible limit for the total suspended solids for disposal over marine coasts is

Question 3

It was given that the threshold odour number of a sample of water was 8 then find out the amount of distilled water that needs to be added to 250 ml of sample so that its odour is hardly detectable.

Question 4

In which of the following zones the concentration of dissolved oxygen drops below 4ppm?

Question 5

If the moisture content of a sludge is 99% and it is stored in a container of volume 0.255 m3, then what will be the volume of the sludge if the water content is reduced to 92%?

Question 6

If waste is fairly biodegradable and can be effectively treated biologically, then
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