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PPSC CE Quiz 4

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Question 1

Compaction of a soil

(i) is expulsion of water from the voids

(ii) Increases the shear strength of the soil

(iii) Does not result in change of void ratio

(iv) Reduces the compressibility and permeability of soil.

Question 2

Which of the pairs is correctly matched?

(i) Coefficient of compressibility = slope of e – log  curve

(ii) Coefficient of volume change =

(iii) Compression index = slope of e -  curve

Question 3

Increase in compactive effort result in

Question 4

A soil sample having initial void ratio 0.75 and thickness 20 mm is subjected to consolidation test. Initially the dial gauge was set to zero. At the end of consolidation, the final dial gauge reading was observed to be 0.25 mm. The final void ratio of the sample is

Question 5

Isochrones are the curves obtained by

Question 6

The Taylor and Casagrande method of Curve fitting are used to determine
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