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Question 1

Which of the following removes hardness completely

Question 2

A flash mixer of 2 m3, with a velocity gradient of mixing mechanism equal to 400s-1 and fluid absolute viscosity of 0.002 N-s/m2 is continuously operated. What is the power input required?

Question 3

For a grit channel, if the recommendation flow velocity is 0.25 m/s and the detention period is 1.2 minute, then the length of tank is

Question 4

In water treatment, the manual screens are kept inclined at an angle of

Question 5

Which of the following represents the approximately overflow rate (liters/hours/m2) for the plain sedimentation tank?

Question 6

Chlorine usage in the treatment of 20000 cumecs of water per day is 8 kg. The residual after 10 minute contact is 0.15 mg/l. The chlorine dosage and demand of water in mg/l are respectively:
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