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PPSC CE Quiz 6

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Question 1

Consider the following statement and determine the correct statement.
1) Coulombs theory of earth pressure is preferred for designing a masonry gravity retaining wall.
2) It is the graphical method in a simplified version of the more general trial wedge theory.
3) Plastic equilibrium in the active case is more than the positive case if the yield of a retaining wall required to reach is higher.

Question 2

Which of the following are the assumption made in friction circle method?

(i) The failure surface is in the shape of arc of a circle.

(ii) The resultant is tangential to friction circle

(iii) The resultant passes through the centre of the friction circle.

(iv) Friction is fully mobilized.

Question 3

Find out the cohesive strength of a soil if the soil is a clayey silt soil having angle of internal friction as 30˚. The vertical face excavation in the soil fails at a depth of 4m. the soil has a density of 20KN/m3.

Question 4

The Taylor’s stability number

(i) is a dimensionless quantity

(ii) is derived from friction circle method

(iii) Depends upon height and inclination of slope only

(iv) can be derived for both homogeneous and stratified soil

Question 5

The earth pressure behind a bridge abutment is:

Question 6

Determine the factor of safety for an infinite slope in a cohesionless soil (ϕ = 30˚, γ = 18 kN/m3), if the inclination of the slope is 15˚. (Use tan15 = 0.268)
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