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Question 1

Which of the following statements are true about kerb parking?

i. Angle parking is favorable to the drivers.

ii. 90° angle parking is most favorable to drivers

Question 2

Which of the following are methods of counting traffic volume?

i. Pneumatic counter

ii. Magnetic detector

iii. Manual counting

iv. Spot speed study

Question 3

A linear relationship is observed between speed and density on a certain section of a highway. The free flow speed is observation to be 80 km per hour and the jam density is estimated as 100 vehicles per km length. Based on the above relationship, the maximum flow expected on this section and the speed at the maximum flow will respectively be

Question 4

A single lane unidirectional highway has a design speed of 65kmph. The percept ion-brake-react ion time of drivers is 2.5 seconds and the average length of vehicles is 5m. The coefficient of longitudinal friction of the pavement is 0.4. the capacity of this road in terms of vehicles per hour per lane is

Question 5

Calculate the lane capacity with signals where the cycle time is 90 seconds, effective green time is 40 seconds, saturation flow on the same phase is 400 veh/km?

Question 6

A driver travelling at a speed of 80 kmph was sighted crossing an intersection. Calculate the amber time if the safe stopping sight distance is 115 m, length of vehicle is 4.6m and intersection width is 15 m?
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