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Question 1

Consider the following statements:

Statement 1: In surveying a large part of area is divided into smaller part. The details of there smaller parts are measured using any method of surveying .

Statement 2: This principle of surveying is known as working from whole to part.

Question 2

A line measuring 16 cm on plan is actually 245 m long on ground. What is the scale adopted for surveying?

Question 3

Consider the following statements

(i) Base Line is the largest main survey line and passes through the centre of the area.

(ii) Check line is provided to check accuracy of field work.

(iii) Offset is measured in the direction of main survey line.

Which of the following statements are correct?

Question 4

Calculate the correction for mean sea level if mean height of base line above MSL is 250 m and length of base line was observed to be 9600 m. Assume radius of Earth to be 6400 km.

Question 5

Which one of the following are variations in the magnetic declination?

i. Diurnal Variation

ii. Regular Variation

iii. Annual Variation

iv. Secular Variation

Question 6

Which one of the following is a cause of avoidable local attraction at a station?

i. High tension electric wire

ii. Reinforcement in concrete column

iii. Steel tape in the vicinity

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