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Question 1

Consider a water having electrical conductivity 800 micro mhos/cm, the water is classified as

Question 2

What will be the time required in hour to irrigate a land of 0.05-hectare area with a discharge of 0.01 cumec if the infiltration capacity of soil is 2 cm/hr and mean depth of flow on the field is 25 cm.

Question 3

As one moves from head of the canal to the field, the duty of the water _____.

Question 4

If the irrigation efficiency is 80%, conveyance losses are 20% and the actual depth of the watering is 16 cm, the depth of water required at the canal outlet is __________.

Question 5

If discharge through a channel is 1600 cumec. Then according to Lacey’s theory wetted perimeter can be

Question 6

Calculate the hydraulic mean depth of regime channel by Lacey’s theory, IF velocity is 1 m/s with silt factor is 0.75.
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