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PPSC CE SOM_SFD-Transformation of stresses

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Question 1

Principal stresses at a point in a plane stressed element are = = 500 N/mm2. Normal stress on the plane inclined at 45° to the x-axis will be

Question 2

Shear stress on a principal plane is

Question 3

In the normal cross- section A of a member is subjected to tensile force P, the resulting normal stress in an oblique plane inclined at angle to the transverse plane will be

Question 4

For the two dimensional stresses shown in the figure below, what is the normal stress on the  plane?

Question 5

In case of biaxial stress, the maximum value of shear stress is given by

Question 6

Maximum allowable shear stress in a section is 100 kg/cm2. If bar is subjected to tensile force of 5000 kg and if the section is square shaped, what will be the dimension of sides of the squares?
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