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PPSC CE Quiz_Introduction, Laws of forces, Moment, Friction, Centre of Gravity

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Question 1

A ball of marble whose weight is 10N falls from a height of 5m and rebounds to height of 2m. Find the impulse (g = 9.81 m/sec²)

Question 2

Instantaneous center of a body rolling with sliding on a curved plane lies at-

Question 3

The system shown in fig has a rightward velocity of 10 m/sec. determine its velocity after 10 min (Assume pulley are be frictionless)

Question 4

The total kinetic energy (in Joules) of a hoop of mass 3 kg and radius 5 m sliding with linear velocity 6 m/s and angular velocity 4 radian/sec is

Question 5

A bullet of weight 1.4g enters a wooden partition block at a velocity of 955 m/s and 0.003s after entering the block. The average impulsive force (in N) acting on the bullet is ___.

Question 6

An electric train weighing 10MN is driven by electric motor which provide a tractive effort equal to 250kN. Calculate the time taken to accelerate the train to a speed of 80 km/hr. It may be assumed that resistance to motion is 1% of the weight of train.
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