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PPSC CE Quiz 5

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Question 1

The stability or shear strength of fine-grained soils can be increased by draining them with the passage of direct current through them. This process is known as

Question 2

The major stress and minor stress acting at a point in a bar are 160 N/mm2 and 80 N/mm2 with shearing stress of 40N/mm2. Calculate the maximum shearing stress and the corresponding normal stress.

Question 3

Following are the statements related to the stress paths in a triaxial testing of soils:
P. If , the stress point lies at the origin of the p-q plot
Q. If, the stress point lies on the p-axis of the p-q plot.
R. If, both the stress points p and q are positive.
For the above statements, the correct combination is

Question 4

Given that the effective angle of internal friction of the soil is 100, the angle between the failure plane and the major principle plane will be:

Question 5

Assertion (A):Shear strength parameters of sand can be estimated by conducting unconfined compression test.
Reason (R): The effective angle of shearing resistance of sand is nearly the same for dry sand saturated sands, in drained condition.

Question 6

In a shear test on cohesionless soils, if the initial void ratio is less than critical void ratio, the sample will
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