30 Opposite Words in English from A to Z

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : June 27th, 2022

Opposite words are also called antonyms in English. An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. There are millions of antonyms in the English language. Given below are 30 examples of opposite words in English from letters A to Z. Let’s take a look:


Letter A: 

Adversity- Prosperity

Alien- Native

Letter B: 

Bind- Release

Letter C:

Callous- Compassionate

Calamity- Fortune

Letter D:

Decay- Flourish

Letter E:

Eclipse- Shine

Letter F:

Ferocious- Gentle

Letter G:

Glory- Shame

Letter H:

Harmony- Discord

Letter I:

Ignore- Notice

Letter J:

Jovial- Solemn

Letter K:

Kindred- Unrelated

Letter L:

Lavish- Scarce

Letter M:

Miraculous- Ordinary

Letter N:

Novice- Veteran

Letter O:

Opaque- Transparent

Letter P:

Progress- Retrogress

Letter Q:

Quaint- Familiar

Letter R:

Rebellious - Submissive

Restrain - Incite

Letter S:

Sympathy - Antipathy

Letter T:

Timid - Bold

Tame - Wild

Letter U:

Uncouth- Elegant

Letter V:

Venom- Antidote

Vigilant- Careless

Letter W:

Wicked - Virtuous

Letter Y:

Yield - Resist

Letter Z:

Zeal - Lethargy



Opposite Words in English

As you know, there are thousands of opposite words in the English language. Here are a few examples of antonyms for your understanding:

Opaque- Transparent

Harmony- Discord

Sympathy - Antipathy

Glory- Shame

Calamity- Fortune


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  • Here are some opposite words in English starting with Y:

    Yield- Protest

    Yell - Whisper

    Yearn- Content

  • Some opposite words in English starting with letter S include:

    Superficial - Profound

    Slander - Applaud

    Stranger- Acquaintance

    Sympathy - Antipathy

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