Who have introduced the printing press in India and in which year ?

By Raj Vimal|Updated : October 11th, 2022

(A) Spanish in 1680

(B) French in 1745

(C) English East India Company in 1674

(D) Portuguese in 1550

Portuguese in 1550, introduced the printing press in India. In India, the Portuguese introduced the first press in 1550. St. Paul's College in Goa, the country of India, built its first printing press in 1556. Portuguese missionaries printed the first book in 1557.

History of Printing Press in India

In order to support missionary work in Abyssinia (modern-day Ethiopia), Father Gasper Calesa mentioned a ship sailing from Portugal to Abyssinia with a printing press on board. This printing press was not allowed to leave India for whatever reason. Printing operations started in Goa as a result in 1556. A professional printer was dispatched to monitor the printing press, and he set it up and started using it along with his Indian assistant.

We have mentioned the point-wise history of introducing the printing press in India:

  • The printing press was significant in India's history. The printing press is a device used to distribute printed materials in large quantities.
  • The first printing press is not mentioned in any records. However, China is where the earliest known written text was discovered during the first millennium A.D.
  • Europe did not get the printing press until 150 years after China. Around Strasbourg, France, in 1440, Johannes Gutenberg, a goldsmith and inventor, started experimenting with printing. He was a Mainz, Germany, political exile.
  • Later, after returning to Mainz, he created the Gutenberg press, which was ready for use in print shops by 1450.


Who have introduced the printing press in India and in which year? (A) Spanish in 1680 (B) French in 1745 (C) English East India Company in 1674 (D) Portuguese in 1550

The printing press was introduced to India by the Portuguese in 1550. It is one of the greatest revolutions in the world as it helped humankind in various printing styles. Portuguese is one of those countries who came to India for business.


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