Cloze Test for SSC & Railway Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Nov 2, 2020, 10:43

Under all the major Governmental selection examinations, like SSC and Railways, Cloze Test topic falls under the English section of the examination. The cloze test syllabus, pattern, and the scoring format are universal for all SSC & Railway exams. In a cloze test questions and answers SSC exams, a candidate has to fill in the blanks from the list of options given against that blank and in the second type they are required to determine whether the highlighted word is fitting correctly in that particular place or not.

Approximately, 4 to 8 cloze test question and answers are asked in SSC exams. Therefore, practising online Cloze test question and answers for SSC exams apart from reading English newspapers, books, etc., is strongly recommended. Curating your own cloze test notes for SSC exams is also a must.

Cloze test question and answers in SSC exams carry maximum weightage in terms of marks and could be the deciding factor in your shortlisting. Therefore, regular practice of the Cloze test formula for SSC exams along with other exercises is mandatory to crack the SSC exams.

Important Cloze Test Topics



Fill in the blanks

  • A few blank spaces would be present in the given passage and you will have to fill up those blank spaces with the set of words given at the end of the passage. 
  • Each blank space has a marking on it, either with a number or an alphabet, against which the options to fill up that particular space is given at the end of the comprehension.  

Replacing words

  • Over here, several blank spaces would be present and beside each blank space, a word would be mentioned within brackets.
  • You just have to check whether the given word needs to be replaced with its corresponding set of options or not.
  • In case of no changes, choose the option “no changes required.”

Tips to Solve/Prepare for Cloze Test Questions

  • Get a quick overview of the passage to understand the story or message it wants to convey. 
  • At the beginning of the test, you must understand the tone and direction of the passage with utmost clarity as this would set the path to correct answers straight.
  • Read the options carefully and select the one that contextually fits in the sentence and makes it sound grammatically correct.
  • Approach the elimination method, in case you are not able to choose the most grammatically correct option. Eliminate the options that you think are least fitting in the sentence.
  • If you are confused with the given options and unable to determine the correct answer, start linking/reading the sentence in question with the one above and below it to make the context or moral of the paragraph clear in your mind.
  • Look for the word type to fill in the blanks i.e. what part of speech that word would be, which would logically fit in the sentence and make it complete.

Importance of Cloze Test in English Section

  • A cloze test question and answers in SSC exams help in developing an active production of vocabulary. It also reinforces grammatical knowledge.
  • In a cloze test, the candidates get the motivation to learn similar words and create a new vocabulary list for themselves. If you are able to logically fill in the blanks with the correct words, it means you are well aware of all the words in that sentence.
  • Through the cloze test, the candidate will learn how to link or form grammatically correct sentences. Thus, reducing the chances of grammatical errors.
  • A cloze test opens the mind of the examinee and forces him to use his brain to form the correct sentences. This activity acts as oil for his brains and works actively in all other subjects.

Most Recommended Books for Cloze Test

There are numerous books available on the cloze test questions and answers for SSC exams, both online and offline. These exercise books have been made especially by English experts and renowned teachers where they have given comprehensive questions on the cloze test. A few such books on the cloze test are mentioned below:

Name of the Book

Author’s Name

A Comprehensive Guide to Cloze Test for SSC & Bank Exams

Viswajeet Kumar

Word Power Made Easy 

Norman Lewis

English Grammar 

Wren and Martin

S.P.Bakshi English Book

Arihant Publication

A Mirror of Common Errors

A. K. Singh

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Currently, how many types of Cloze test questions are asked in SSC and Railways examinations?

Answer Mainly, two types of cloze test questions are asked in SSC and Railways examinations. The first and the basic type is in the form of fill in the blanks and the second type is in the form of replacing words where either the given word is replaced with one word from the options available or the word remains as it is.

  • What is the meaning of Cloze sentences?

Answer A cloze sentence is a sentence, in which either a keyword is missing (i.e. fill in the blanks) or the keyword is replaced with an irrelevant/incorrect word (i.e. replacing words).

  • Is it compulsory to attempt the Cloze test under the English section?

Answer Yes, the cloze test must not be left unattempted because it carries a handsome marks weightage under the English section. If you choose to leave it, your chances of scoring the cut-off marks may shrink dramatically.

  • How many questions are asked in one Cloze test?

Answer In a cloze test, normally one big comprehension is given where 5 to 10 questions are asked. Alternatively, two comprehensions may be given, one on each type of cloze tests comprising 4-5 questions in each paragraph.

  • What type of comprehension is given in a Cloze test?

Answer In a cloze test, the type of comprehension can be of any type. It can be a story, a financial passage, a paragraph on social/environmental issues, or any other topic, which the examiner deems fit and appropriate as per the level/nature of the examination.