Which Type Of Road Is Constructed Under The Ground? (A) Flyover (B) Expressways (C) Subways (D) None of these

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The answer to which type of road is constructed under the ground is (C) Subways. Subways are roads that are constructed underground like tunnels and are also called underpasses or underground passages. A subway allows vehicles or people to reach the other side of the road from an underground path. Constructing subways is even beneficial for animals and wildlife.


The answer is option (C) Subways 

Subways are usually constructed underneath busy roads to make it convenient for people to cross that road by walking. However, subways can also be tunnel roads for vehicles or even an underground railway system to make transit easier for people. 


Which Type of Road is Constructed Under the Ground?

A) Flyover

B) Expressways

C) Subways

D) None of these

The correct answer is option C) Subways that are constructed underground to make it easier for people to cross a road or for easy transit of vehicles. Subways are very useful in metropolitan cities with heavy traffic as they provide an alternative route for people to reach their destination.


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