Which state is the largest producer of rubber in India?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) Tamil Nadu

(B) West Bengal

(C) Kerala

(D) Maharashtra

Kerala is the largest producer of rubber in India. In terms of rubber production, Kerala is in the first place. The state produces around 90% of the country’s total rubber production. The remainder is made in the North East and Tamil Nadu states.

Largest Producer of Rubber in India

Kerala has 5.45 lakh hectares dedicated to growing rubber. The centers for producing rubber are in Malanadu, Idanadu, Kottayam, and Palakkad. At Thattekad in Kerala, the country’s first industrial rubber plantations were started in 1902. But in Kerala, extensive rubber cultivation only began in 1940.

Latex is another name for rubber. There are various types of rubber, including Indian rubber, Amazonian rubber, and plain rubber. Isoprene polymers make up its composition. The two main producers of rubber are Thailand and Indonesia. A tropical tree, rubber, demands high temperatures all year round and rain. The southern region of India has favorable weather conditions for the cultivation of rubber.


Which state is the largest producer of rubber in India? (A) Tamil Nadu (B) West Bengal (C) Kerala (D) Maharashtra

India’s major producer of rubber is in Kerala. India is the third-largest producer in the world, behind China, Thailand, and Indonesia. Around 900,000 tonnes of rubber are produced annually in India, of which 75% is used. Kerala and Tamil Nadu are the traditional rubber-producing states.

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