Which part is absent in gymnosperms?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) Embryo

(B) Endosperm

(C) Ovum

(D) Ovary

The ovary is absent in gymnosperms. Gymnosperms are plants without ovaries that generate seeds. Gymnosperm plants produce bare seeds. Plants known as gymnosperms have ovules that are not enclosed by an ovary wall and are open both before and after fertilization. Don’t bring fruit since the ovaries have exposed seeds.

Ovaries are Absent in Gymnosperms 

The diploid zygote transforms into an embryo while still housed inside the ovule, which then matures into a seed. Gymnosperm plants have haploid endosperm that develops prior to fertilization. During seed germination, the endosperm supplies nutrition for the plant’s growth. Gymnosperm plants have orthotropous ovules that are exposed to the megasporophyll.

The following products are frequently made using these species:

  • Some medications to treat malignant ulcers.
  • Mounting material used in laboratories for microscopic examination.
  • The antidote for snake bites is gum made from cycas plants.
  • These species’ wood is frequently utilized in the paper-making industry.
  • Cycad leaves are used to make handbaskets, brooms, hats, door and floor mats, and other environmentally beneficial goods.
  • Similar to teak and rosewood, pine tree bark, stems, and branches can be used to make beams, doors, flooring, poles, railway wagons, and other structures out of wood.


Which Part is Absent in Gymnosperms? (A) Embryo (B) Endosperm (C) Ovum (D) Ovary

Plants lacking ovaries that produce seeds are called gymnosperms. Gymnosperm plants produce bare seeds. Gymnosperm plants contain ovules that are open both before and after fertilization and are not protected by an ovary wall. Fruit shouldn’t be brought since the ovaries have visible seeds.

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