Which of the following is NOT a fossil fuel?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) Coal

(B) Oil

(C) Wood

(D) Natural gas

Wood is not a fossil fuel. Coal, oil, and natural gas are examples of fossil fuels that contain significant amounts of carbon. Fossil fuels must be burned in order to unleash their energy because they are non-renewable resources. Sulfur, nitrogen, carbon, and other gases are released into the atmosphere, contributing to pollution and the greenhouse effect.

Fossil Fuel Facts

Coal, oil, and natural gas are some examples of finite natural resources. These developed from the decomposing remains of living things (fossils). Thus, they are all referred to as fossil fuels. One of the fuels used to prepare food is coal. Below, you will find some quick facts about Fossil Fuel.

  • Previously, it was utilized in railway engines to generate steam to power the machinery.
  • Additionally, it is employed to generate electricity in thermal power plants. Several industries also use coal as fuel.
  • Sea life in the form of creatures produced petroleum.
  • When these organisms perished, their remains fell to the ocean’s floor and were coated in sand and clay layers.
  • The dead organisms were turned into petroleum and natural gas over millions of years due to the absence of air, high temperatures, and high pressure.
  • a natural fuel that was once generated from the remains of living things, such as coal or gas.


Which of the following is NOT a fossil fuel? (A) Coal (B) Oil (C) Wood (D) Natural gas 

Fossil fuels do not include wood. Examples of fossil fuels that contain a lot of carbon include coal, oil, and natural gas. Since fossil fuels are non-renewable resources, they must be consumed in order to release their energy.

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