Which of the following elements has the highest electronegativity?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) Fluorine

(B) Bromine

(C) Iodine

(D) Chlorine

The highest electronegative element is fluorine. The most electronegative element is fluorine. The electronegativity keeps rising up to the halogens as we travel right in a period. This is due to the tight grip the nucleus has on the electrons when the number of electrons in the same valence shell keeps rising.

Factors Affecting Electronegativity

The electronegativity drops as we descend in a group. The grip of the nucleus on the valence electron(s) decreases as the number of shells increases down the group, which is why. Being the earliest halogen family member, fluorine (the rightmost group before noble gases).

Size of an Atom: Since electrons are farther from the nucleus, there is less force of attraction between them, larger atomic sizes will have lower electronegativity values.

Nuclear Charge: A higher electronegativity value will be produced by a higher nuclear charge value. This occurs as a result of stronger electron attraction brought on by an increase in nuclear charge.

Effect of Substituent: The type of substituent that is bonded to an atom determines its electronegativity. As opposed to CH3I, the carbon atom in CF3I gains a larger positive charge. As a result, the C-atom in CF3I is more electronegative than it is in CH3I. A change in an atom’s electronegativity brought on by substituents alters the atom’s chemical behaviour.


Which of the following elements has the highest electronegativity? (A) Fluorine  (B) Bromine (C) Iodine (D) Chlorine 

The highest electronegativity is found in fluorine. Fluorine is the highest electronegative element. If we move right into a period, the electronegativity increases until it reaches the halogens.

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