Which is a Threat to the Environment?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

A) A growing plant

B) Growing crops

C) Growing population

The correct answer is option C) growing population. One of the most pressing concerns in the world today is the growing human population. This is because the rising population puts more pressure on the planet and puts the entire ecosystem in danger. A rising population also contributes significantly to global warming and climate change which are the biggest environmental threats.


The growing population is a threat to the environment

The rising population also leads to a rising rate of garbage and environmental pollution, which results in an unhealthy lifestyle and diseases. Furthermore, artificial and harmful methods are used to produce more and more food for the growing population, threatening the environment.


Which is a Threat to the Environment?

The biggest threat to the environment is the growing population of the world. Hence, option C) is the correct answer. Due to the rising population, more food and waste are produced, which harms the environment. The growing population is also a major contributor to global warming and climate change which are significant concerns towards the environment.


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