Which among the following elements has the highest density? (A) Hydrogen (B) Osmium (C) Fluorine (D) Tungsten

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Among the following options, the element Osmium has highest density. Chemically, osmium is represented by the letter Os. Osmium has a 76th atomic number. The densest naturally occurring element is this one. In 1803, Smithson Tennant made the discovery of osmium. Applications to detect fingerprints employ osmium tetroxide.

Fluorine- It is the most reactive element and one of the lightest weighted elements of the Halogen Group. Some Details are mentioned below

  • Symbol: F.
  • Atomic number 9.
  • Discovered by Henri Moissan.
  • Also called as super halogen.
  • Lightest halogen.
  • Most electronegative elements.

Hydrogen- Hydrogen gas is popularly known as natural gas. It is also considered an alternative to Methane gas. Some details are mentioned below. 

  • Symbol- H.
  • One atomic nucleus.
  • Discovered by Henry Cavendish.
  • Most basic atom.
  • The universe’s most prevalent chemical substance.
  • Additionally referred to as the future’s fuel.
  • The substance that all acids contain.

Tungsten- One of the rarest found metals on the Earth, Tungsten. It was founded in the year 1781 and named as metal in 1783.

  • Tungsten (symbol – W) has the atomic number 74.
  • Utilizing filaments for incandescent bulbs.
  • The metal with the highest pure-form melting point is tungsten.


Which among the following elements has the highest density? (A) Hydrogen (B) Osmium (C) Fluorine (D) Tungsten

Osmium has the highest density. Chemically, osmium is represented by the letter Os. Its atomic number is 76, and it can be found in Blues-white form. It was discovered in the year 1803.

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