What is the standard time duration of a micro teaching cycle?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) 06 Mins

(B) 12 Mins

(C) 24 Mins

(D) 36 Mins

The standard time duration of a micro teaching cycle is 36 minutes.  A unique teaching technique emphasizes micro-teaching, which is described as teaching in miniature with smaller class sizes and assignments. Micro teaching is defined as teaching in miniature.

Define Micro Teaching Concept

As part of a teacher’s professional development, the concept of micro-teaching can be used in various pre-service and in-service levels. One student teacher, the class instructor (or school supervisor who gives the student-teacher feedback), and a small number of peers participate in microteaching sessions. Before applying their teaching methods to actual pupils, student instructors can hone them during these sessions in a controlled setting.

The standard time duration of a micro-teaching cycle is:

  • Teach – 6 minutes
  • Feedback – 6 minutes
  • Re-plan – 12 minutes
  • Re-teach – 6 minutes
  • Re-feedback – 6 minutes
  • Total – 36 minutes


What is the standard time duration of a micro teaching cycle? (A) 06 Min (B) 12 Min (C) 24 Min (D) 36 Min.

A micro teaching cycle typically lasts for 36 minutes.

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