Tips and Tricks to master your Letter writing skills for SSC CGL Tier III

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Hi Gradians, the introduction of the descriptive paper in CGL must have been solicitous for you but we are always there for your rescue. Here, we will be providing you some tips and tricks so that you can ace in the field of letter writing.

Firstly, one must know there are two types of letters: formal and informal. The format, content and the style of writing differ for both so it is very important to understand and keep in mind the different ways of writing them.

We will begin with formal letters. As the name suggests they are written to an authoritative person so the manner of expression should be accordingly.

 Following guidelines should be kept in mind for the different types of formal letters.

  1. Letters to the officials:
  • Always introduce yourself first and then define the objective of writing.
  • Always explain the desired action properly.
  • Do not order them to act, always make a polite request.

     2.Letters to the editors:

  • Always begin by referring to some recent development or news related to the issue you will be raising in your content.
  • Give a detailed view of the issue: the basic problem, causes, effects and probable solutions.
  • Always remember that the editor is a source of voicing your opinions and concerns and not the person who can solve your problems so never ask him to.

    3.Letters to boss & colleagues, acquaintances:

  • Be respectful but do not indulge in flattery.
  • Do not beat around the bush. Be clear in stating your purpose.
  • Always be polite.

    4.Letters to business houses/ customers

  • Keep your tone polite and friendly even when you wish to complain.
  • Be brief and to the point.
  • Always give the person at the other end more importance.
  • Always quote the required numbers.

Now, let’s talk about the format of formal letters.


The sender’s address comes here. Do not mention your name before address.

House No.



Pin code

  • Mention the RECEIVER’S NAME or designation with the address in the following line.
  • Mention the DATE after the receiver’s address. The month should be mentioned in words.
  • Briefly state the central idea as the SUBJECT.

For authorities, mention Sir/Madam otherwise,

state Dear Sir/ Madam or Dear Mr/Mrs + Name


The main part is the body of the letter. Try and divide your content in 4 paragraphs.

  • 1st paragraph should reveal your identity and the purpose of writing.
  • 2nd paragraph should give the details of the problem/ issue/ topic.
  • 3rd paragraph is usually about what you would expect the reader to do.
  • 4th paragraph is the closing of your letter. We usually close the letter in the following way,

Yours truly/faithfully/sincerely (Yours will always take a capital Y and no apostrophe.  Truly/sincerely/faithfully always begin with a small t/s/f respectively.)


Full Name (in capital letters)

Designation of the person writing the letter

Some important tips:
1. Always remember the format correctly.

  1. Specifically for letter to the editor,
  2. a) Do not forget to write the sender’s address.
  3. b) Do not give solutions or ask him to solve your issue.
  4. Always present a detailed letter in paragraphs.


Informal letters:

Informal letters are the ones which we write in a personalized way to a friend, relative or any person with whom we don’t share a professional relationship. However, any person from work with whom you share an informal bond can be addressed through such a letter for the purposes akin. There are not many rules for writing informal letters so we will discuss the format for it in detail.

The sender’s address is situated at the top of the page. Follow the same format for writing as the formal one.

The addressee’s address (to whom the letter is being sent) follows the same format but is usually located on the front of the envelope or the top of the page, as asked.


The date is written below the sender’s address. Always remember to write the month in words.


The body of the informal letters is written in a friendly manner but not so much so that it becomes inappropriate.

  • 1st paragraph: State the reason of your writing in brief.
  • 2nd paragraph: Detail what you have mentioned in the first paragraph.
  • 3rd /final paragraph: Remember to make concluding statements.


Some Important Points:

  • The opening for informal letters is not as strict as formal letters but always remember to place (,) after Dear Sir/ Madam. One can begin casually ex, how are you, I hope you are doing well, how have you been, I am great and hope for the same at your end, etc.
  • The closing statements should be very short and optimistic. For ex, I can’t wait to see you soon, looking forward to meeting you, Give my regard to, etc.
  • There is a lot of scope for innovation and personalization when signing off. For ex, best wishes, lots of love, love, best regards, kind regards, etc.

So, now all you aspirants out there have a fair idea about how to write and what to write for the letters. Stay tuned for more information.


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