The Power Transmitted will be Maximum When?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) Corona losses are minimum

(B) Reactance is high

(C) Sending end voltage is more

(D) Receiving end voltage is more

The power transmitted will be more when corona losses are less. The corona effect is a result of the ionisation of the air surrounding the conductor, which causes a surge in luminous illumination and hissing noise.

Corona Losses Minimum

The disruptive voltage is the voltage below which air breaks down, and a corona begins to form. The lowest voltage at which a visible corona appears is known as the visual critical voltage. The corona effect has the benefit of lessening the intensity of switching surges and lightning.

Factors affecting the corona:

  • power supply for transmission lines
  • frequency of operation of transmission lines
  • distance between each conductor
  • the conductor’s diameter
  • Air Density Factor Conductor Surface Condition

Disadvantages of corona discharge:

  • The conductor begins to light, indicating that there is power loss there.
  • The corona effect, which results in power loss on the conductor, is what generates the auditory noise.
  • The corona effect is what causes the conductor to vibrate.
  • The conductor becomes corrosive as a result of the ozone that the corona effect creates.
  • Corona power loss lowers the line’s efficiency.
  • The corona effect is what causes radio and television interference on the line.
  • In a flat conductor layout, the middle conductor exhibits the strongest corona effect.


The Power Transmitted will be Maximum When? (A) Corona losses are minimum (B) Reactance is high (C) Sending end voltage is more (D) Receiving end voltage is more

When corona losses are at their lowest, the transmission power is at its highest. The ionization of the air around the conductor, which results in a spike in brilliant illumination and hissing noise, is what creates the corona effect.

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