The main occupation of the people of the Indus Valley Civilization was _______?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) Agriculture

(B) Warfare

(C) Hunting

(D) Fishing

The main occupation of the people of the Indus Valley Civilization was agriculture. The Indus Valley Civilization’s population worked mostly in agriculture. Wheat, barley, rice, dates, mustard, and cotton are the main crops. The first people to grow cotton was the Harrapan.

Indus Valley Civilization Facts

From what is now North-East Afghanistan, the Indus Valley Civilization extended to Pakistan and North-West India. The Ghaggar-Hakra and Indus river basins saw a flourishing of civilization. One of the four oldest civilizations in the world is the Indus Valley civilization. It is also referred to as the Harappan Civilization, and it is renowned for its grid-based, ordered planning.

  • The phrase Indus Valley Civilization was first used by a researcher, John Marshall.
  • According to radiocarbon dating, the Indus Valley Civilization spread from the year 2500 to 1750 BC.
  • The Harappan Civilization was most recognizable for its urbanization.
  • Additionally, the Indus Valley Civilization domesticated elephants, humped cattle, dogs, sheep, and goats.
  • Mohenjodaro and Harappa are the two capital cities.
  • Sutkagendor, Balakot, Lothal, Allahdino, and Kuntasi are the harbor cities.
  • The inhabitants of the Indus Valley were familiar with the use of both cotton and wool.

Name of the major cities are given below:

  • Mohenjodaro (Sind)-It is located on the right bank of the Indus.
  • Kalibangan (Rajasthan)-It was on the banks of the river Ghaggar river.
  • Chanhudaro – It lies on the left bank of the Indus in the south of Mohenjodaro.
  • Lothal(Gujarat) – It is located at the head of the Gulf of Cambay.
  • Surkotada (Gujarat) – It is at the head of the Rann of Kutch.
  • Banawali (Haryana) – It was situated on the banks of the now-extinct Sarasvati.
  • Dholavira (Gujarat) – It is excavated in the Kutch district.

Social features-

  • India’s first urbanization can be seen in the Indus Valley civilization.
  • It boasts a thoughtfully designed grid layout, drainage system, and town planning.
  • They have enjoyed social equality.

Religious Facts-

  • There was a worship of the Yoni and of nature.
  • They revered trees such as the Peepal.
  • Havan Kund, a form of fire worship, was also practiced.
  • The Lord of Animals is another name for Pashupati Mahadeva.
  • The Indus Valley Civilization’s inhabitants revered animals like unicorns and oxen.


The Main Occupation of The People of The Indus Valley Civilization was _____? (A) Agriculture (B) Warfare (C) Hunting (D) Fishing

The Indus Valley Civilization’s population worked mostly in agriculture. Major crops they used to grow are wheat, rice, barley, mustard, dates, and cotton. They use to worship godess Matridevi and Shakti.

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