The Earth Rotates in Which Direction?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The earth rotates from west to east i.e. anticlockwise direction

The direction in which the earth rotates

  • From west to east, the earth spins on its own axis.
  • The sun rises in the east and sets in the west as a result of the rotation of the earth.

Hence, the sun rotates from the west to the east (anticlockwise) direction.

Different Layers of Earth

Inner Core

The hottest and centre layer of the Earth. The solid inner core of the object, which reaches temperatures of 5,500 oC, is primarily made of nickel and iron. Because of its vast thermal energy, the inner core resembles the engine room of the Earth.

Outer Core

With a temperature range of 4000°F to 9000°F, the outer core of the Earth resembles a very hot metal ball. Due to the intense heat, all of the metals inside are liquid. Approximately 1800 miles below the crust, the outer core is roughly 1400 miles thick. Metals like nickel and iron are used to make it. The outer core encloses the inner core.

Metals are compelled to vibrate rather than move like liquids due to the extreme pressures and temperatures inside the inner core.


The Earth’s mantle makes up the majority of the planet. The thickness is more than 2,900 kilometres. The majority of the mantle is composed of magma, a kind of semi-molten rock. The rock starts to melt lower in the mantle where it is softer. The rock is sturdy at the summit.


The crust is the upper layer where we reside. The thickness is 0 to 60 kilometres thick. This solid rock layer comes in two varieties:

  • Oceanic crust covers water
  • Continental crust covers land


The Earth Rotates in Which Direction?

The earth rotates from west to east i.e. anticlockwise direction. Different layers of the earth are inner core, outer core, mantle and crust. Diastrophism is the process by which the earth’s surface is reshaped through rock movements and displacements.

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