SSC CGL Wrong Questions: List of Questions to be Challenged

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

List of SSC CGL wrong questions is important as they give candidates an opportunity to increase their score. SSC CGL Answer Key 2023 is not yet released. Till then, candidates can check wrong questions to be challenged in SSC CGL 2019. SSC CGL Answer Key 2019-20 was released yesterday and 21st March is the last day to challenge the wrong questions. We got many queries from the students requesting us to upload an article regarding the expected errors in SSC CGL Tier 1 Answer Key 2019-20. To help you increase your score, we are going to upload a list of wrong questions to be challenged in SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam 2023 as well when it is released.

SSC CGL Wrong Questions

Sometimes, authorities have SSC CGL wrong questions in which there are some errors. The nature of such errors prevents candidates from marking the correct answers. Also, sometimes SSC CGL wrong answer key is released with wrong answers marked by the authorities. These type of questions gives candidates a good opportunity to challenge such questions and improve their scores. We will be updating the SSC CGL wrong questions 2023 here upon release. Meanwhile, candidates can check for wrong questions in SSC CGL exam for 2019 to get an idea about how the process goes and what kind of questions can be wrong.

Wrong Questions to be challenged in SSC CGL 2019

SSC CGL Exam Date Shift Questions to be challenged Explanation 
5th March 2020 Shift 3 English Question ID 123568289 Had should be used in place of has
6th March 2020 Shift 2 English Question ID 816161408 That’ should come in place of ‘than’
 Shift 2 English Question ID 816161426 Denied should be used in place of deluded
 Shift 2 Maths Question ID 816161380 SSC’s answer is wrong. The correct answer will be 1000
7th March 2020  Shift 2  Maths Question ID 816161697 SSC’s answer is wrong. The correct answer will be (2+2) / 4 
Shift 3 Reasoning Question ID 816161739 Printing Mistake (B is the daughter of B) 
Shift 3 Maths Question ID 816161803  The answer should be 8(1/3). No such option is given. 
9th March 2020   Shift 2 Maths Question ID 816161997 Diameter is asked but the solution for the radius is given. The answer should be 350
Shift 2 Maths Question ID 816161995 The correct answer will be -2
Shift 3 English Question ID 8161611134 Stormy will be the correct answer. 
Shift 3 Maths Question ID 8161611113  Two options are the same 

These were the questions/answers we found incorrect. Please comment questions (with Exam Date, Questions ID and Explanation) which you have reported so that maximum challenges against the wrong answer can be done. 

How to challenge SSC CGL Tier 1 Answer Key

  • Click on the direct link: SSC CGL Answer Key 
  • Enter your roll number
  • Enter your password (D.O.B in DDMMYYYY format)
  • Click on “Click here to raise objection button to raise an objection.
  • Make a payment of Rs 100/-
  • Select the Question ID and challenge the question

Guidelines to follow while raising an objection

  • Objections must be entered only in English
  • Objections can be raised only against questions and their respective alternatives
  • Objections once submitted cannot be edited later
  • In the reason column, enter your reason for objection clearly
  • The following sites can’t be used as references — Wikipedia, Yahoo answers, or private websites or blogs
  • The following sources can be used for references: Official websites of government organizations, universities, educational institutes etc. and websites with the following extensions: .edu, .org, .gov, .in


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