SSC CGL Toppers Preparation Strategy: 9 Effective Tips Here!

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

SSC CGL Exam is one of the prominent government job exams in which lakhs of candidates appear every year. The exam is conducted by the SSC board to recruit candidates for the Group B and Group C posts in various departments of the Government of India. Knowing SSC CGL Toppers Strategy is one of the best ways of cracking the exam. Recently SSC released the SSC CGL 2023 notification in which it notified that from this year onwards SSC CGL exam will take place in 2 stages i.e., Tier 1 and Tier 2 in which Tier 1 will be qualifying in nature but it is seen from the past year’s trends, most of the candidates are not able to clear the first round itself viz. CBT 1, is considered the most competitive stage.  

Hence, we are providing candidates with SSC CGL strategy by toppers for their benefit. These are the tricks used by top candidates which you can also use to increase your probability of landing the job. To give you an edge in your preparation we are sharing the time-tested topper’s tips which will be very effective for your upcoming SSC CGL 2023 Exam.

SSC CGL Strategy by Toppers

The majority of candidates often wonder how to pass the prelims in less than three months, as the notification is mostly released 3 months prior only. Yes, there is a large syllabus to cover in a short amount of time, and the competition makes it even harder. We will give you a thorough SSC CGL toppers strategy to help you score maximum marks. It covers the SSC CGL preparation strategy for novice and experienced candidates, regardless of whether you are taking the exam for the first time or have already completed the syllabus and this is your second or third attempt. These suggestions from many toppers will be helpful for you even if you desire to pass the SSC CGL exam.

SSC CGL Toppers’ Strategy

These SSC CGL toppers’ strategies were created after listening to conversations with numerous SSC exam toppers. This will aid in the three-month preparation for the SSC CGL exam. These techniques will point you in the correct way and assist you in taking the initial step if this is your first attempt and you’re wondering how to begin preparing for CGL. The best SSC CGL preparation strategy for 2023 is provided below to assist you in passing this CGL exam. 

SSC CGL Preparation Tips by Toppers

Here is the list of 9 important tips as shared by the exam experts and toppers:

SSC CGL Toppers Preparation Strategy: 9 Effective Tips Here!

Have a Good Understanding of the SS CGL Syllabus

Before you start your preparation, you need to have a good understanding of the SSC CGL Syllabus. SSC CGL Tier 1 consists of 4 subjects which are English Language, Mathematics, Reasoning, and General Awareness. SSC has changed the SSC CGL Tier 2 exam pattern and now Computer is also added to the syllabus as a mandatory section but it is qualifying in nature.

If you are planning to join as SSC CGL Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) or Junior Statistical Officer then you have to study some additional subjects which are Accounts, Finance, and Statistics. 

Solve Previous Year Question Paper and Analyze the Important Topics

SSC CGL syllabus is very vast, especially the General Awareness part. Hence, it becomes essential to be selective in your studies as you cannot complete the whole syllabus in the due time. 
Solving the SSC CGL previous year question paper will help you identify the important topics, the important topics include the topics that have greater weightage in your exam, and topics from which maximum questions are asked. Also, it will help you evaluate your performance and create a strategy that works for you.

Make a Proper Study Plan

After analyzing your performance, you can then make an SSC CGL study plan. The study plan should incorporate the proper time distribution of study of individual sections (that you need to study – 2 hours for GA, 2 hours for the English language, 3 hours for Quant, 1.5 hours for Reasoning), topic-wise quizzes, mock tests, and revision. A proper study plan is one of the best SSC CGL strategy by toppers and will help you to be disciplined in your study goals, avoid procrastination, improve your study, and enhance productivity.

Collect the Right Set of Study Material

In this digital age where study materials are easily available and accessible over the internet, choosing the right study material can be an arduous task. As you know SSC CGL Exam has a vast syllabus, hence, you need to understand what to study and what to skip. Experts suggest studying a single book numerous times will give you greater benefit than studying various books a single time.  

Practice Mock Tests Regularly

As per experts, mock tests are extremely crucial in cracking the SSC CGL Exam. Mock tests will help you get familiar with the style and scope of the question paper. It also helps in learning new techniques to answer a problem and short tricks to solve a problem quickly.
Mock tests are designed to give you the real feel and pressure of the exam. However, most of the aspirants take the mock test casually and attempt the questions thinking it is just another mock test. 
Toppers always take every SSC CGL mock test very seriously and try to give their best in every mock. Hence, if you want to study like a topper then you have to take every mock test sincerely as every mock test that you attempt allows you to learn and improve your performance.

Check, Re-Check, Re-Re-Check, Nothing Check Nothing Done

After you have attempted the mock test, you need to check, re-check and identify your strong and weak areas. To improve on your weak areas, you can give a sectional test or specific topic-wise tests. You can easily access the topic-wise and sectional tests from the BYJU’S Exam Prep Quiz section.
It is also recommended to solve all types of questions of the topic/ area you think you need more preparation. If you still face some issues with concepts, you can get back to the basics. 

Do not Slip on Your Strong Areas

In the process of improving your weak areas do not lose focus on strong areas. For example, if you have a stronghold on Arithmetic but now getting major questions wrong in your recent mock tests, then you need to shift your focus on your strong areas too. Toppers always strike a balance between what they have to prove (their strong areas) and what they need to improve (their weak areas).  

Create Study Notes for Regular Revision

Creating study notes not only helps you in revision but also facilitates in retaining the information for a longer duration. You can make study notes of important formulae, events, concepts, tricks, etc. These notes will actively engage your mind, keep your information organized, and later provide a piece of consolidated information to recall and revise.

Relaxing is also Part of the Preparation

As the competition is getting tough each day, every aspirant feels exam pressure. However, you can easily manage the exam stress and pressure by practising mindful meditation, listening to soothing music, socializing with friends and family, and regularly taking short breaks in your preparation. Remember, taking short breaks does not hinder your preparation but not taking them eventually will.

SSC CGL Preparation Strategy for Working Professionals

You can undoubtedly succeed in your goal of passing the SSC CGL while working as a professional. SSC SCL Toppers strategy can help you achieve your goal while working a full-time job as well. SSC demands practice with questions and comprehension of concepts. Set aside sometime each day to study formulas, ideas, and daily practice questions. You have less time than other applicants, therefore you must be relentless in your efforts. 

Make the most of your time by studying for long hours on weekends to make up for the lost time. Focus on reviewing those concepts and problem-solving since the SSC syllabus covers everything that was taught in school.

SSC CGL Preparation Strategy for Beginners

If you are taking the SSC CGL for the first time, concentrate on finishing the course material first to ensure that you understand all of the topics. Study the CGL course thoroughly and memorise all the formulae and principles. After finishing at least 70% of the course, take mock examinations to understand additional ideas. You can also use mock tests to continue studying for the remaining 30% of the syllabus. 

Analyze wrong questions to determine whether you made a foolish error or the concept was unfamiliar. Look for a quicker approach to answer the question, then go on to the unattempted questions. Your confidence will increase, and this tactic will aid in time management.

SSC CGL Preparation Strategy for Experienced Candidates

If this is your second or third try, you should first determine why your earlier attempt was unsuccessful. Find out where you are weakest and review those subjects. You will have no trouble covering the material because you got through it on your first try. Concentrate more on taking exam after exam while reviewing your errors. Give each mock test from the previous year from CGL because questions could be repeated from any of the SSC CGL exams.
Examine every exam offered that year because the format is essentially the same and will give you an advantage over other applicants. Aim for a 100% score because the level of competition for the SSC exams is increasing every year. 

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