SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam Analysis, 02 March, All Shifts Review

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 02 March 2023: The Staff Selection Commission has begun the much-speculated SSC CGL Tier 2 examination on 02 March 2023. Due to the changes in exam pattern, the SSC CGL tier 2 analysis becomes extremely crucial therefore, we will provide you all with the important aspects of the examination like details regarding exam pattern, difficulty level, a good number of attempts, section-wise analysis, and much more in this article!

As day 1 of the SSC CGL Tier 2 exam has ended, here is the detailed SSC CGL analysis 02 March 2023 for your reference. 

SSC CGL Analysis 02 March

SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam Analysis 2nd March 2023 will assist candidates in understanding the number of successful attempts, question type, weightage by topic, and exam difficulty level. Candidates who have already taken this exam should read this article carefully so that they can get an accurate picture of their performance. 

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 02 March: Highlights

  • Difficulty Level of the examination: Easy-Moderate
  • The number of Good Attempts: 112-125
  • Current affairs 4-5 questions from 2021 and 2022.
  • The computer section was moderate to difficult in nature.
  • Statement Based Questions were majorly there.
  • Few questions in reasoning and maths were calculative.
  • A few questions were asked from Statistics and probability in the quant section.
  • The Maths section was comparatively easy than most of the sections.
  • According to candidates’ opinion, there were more questions from the arithmetic maths than the advanced part in the Maths section. 
  • There were 3 Comprehension and one question from Cloze test. 
  • The theme of the 2 Reading Comprehension was Sky Balloon and Mountains& Adventure.
  • As per the candidate’s opinion, the difficulty level of the question was similar to the SSC CGL Tier 1 exam as the difficulty level ranges from Easy-Moderate in nature. 

SSC CGL Analysis 02 March: Reasoning

This section consists of 30 questions worth 90 marks. This is one of the most important and scoring subjects of SSC CGL Tier 2. Take a look at the detailed SSC CGL Today Analysis for Reasoning section below. The good number of attempts was – 22-24

Topics Asked No. of Questions
Counting of Figures   
Analogy  –
Classification 0-1
Space Orientation 0-1
Numerical operations 1-2
Drawing inferences 0-1
Punched hole/ pattern-folding & unfolding 1
Coding -Decoding 1
Logical Venn diagram
Figural Series 1
Word Building 1
Embedded Figure 2
Number Series  1
Arrangement of Words 1
Mathematical operator 1-2
Syllogism 3-4
Clock & Calendar
Blood Relation  1
Odd -One Out 2
Miscellaneous 2-3
Total 30

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 02 March: Quantitative Aptitude

According to our experts’ analysis, the quantitative aptitude section was easy, with the number of questions asked and the nature of the questions asked listed below: 

Name of the Topic

Number of Questions Asked

Number Systems  1
Fundamental arithmetical operations  –
Profit & Loss  2-3
Partnership 2
Time and Work
Speed Time & Distance
CI & SI 2 (1 each)
Algebra  1
Geometry  2-3 (Triangle and Quadrilateral)
Mensuration  2-3
Trigonometry  2
Statistics and probability  3 (2 stats and 1 probability)
Total  30

SSC CGL Exam Analysis General Awareness

This section includes 25 questions worth 3 marks each. This section is significant in terms of scoring. Candidates who prepare for this in order to score higher will have the advantage of scoring higher in less time. The Good number of attempts was 15-17. Below we are providing the SSC CGL Exam Analysis 02 March for General Awareness:

Topics Asked No. of Questions



Indian Polity

 3 (280, 20 Article)


 2 (Both Related to Crops)








3 (Numerical based on V=IR & Conceptual Based)

Static GK





 4-5 (Related to Schemes and Indexes)



SSC CGL Exam Analysis 02 March 2023: English

This section contains 45 questions for a total of 135 marks. The questions ranged from Easy to Moderate in difficulty. The number of questions asked from this section is tabulated below: 

Name of the Topic

Number of Questions Asked

Reading Comprehension

 3 (5 questions each)

Synonyms/ Antonyms


Synonyms/ Homonyms


Idiom & Phrases


Para jumbles


Error Spotting


Sentence Improvement


Active Passive Voice


Direct/ Indirect Speech


Fill in the Blanks


One Word Substitution


Correct Spelling 


Cloze Test

 1 (5 Q)



SSC CGL Exam Analysis Computer Proficiency

According to our experts’ SSC CGL Exam analysis, the Computer Proficiency section was moderate-difficult, with the number of questions asked are listed below.

Name of the Topic

Number of Questions Asked

Computer Basics  3-5
Software  3-4
Working with the Internet and e-mails  3-4
Basics of networking and cyber security  2-3
Total 20

SSC CGL Analysis 02 March: Good Attempts

According to student feedback, the level of the SSC CGL Analysis 02 March is provided in the table below. The good attempts and examination levels we share are solely from the perspective of the candidates who took the exam.

Section Good Attempts
Quantitative Aptitude 25-27
General Intelligence and Reasoning  22-24
General Awareness  15-17
English Language & Comprehension  36-41
Computer Proficiency  14-16
Overall  112-125

SSC CGL Analysis 02 March 2023: Difficulty Level

The below table entails the difficulty level of the SSC CGL Analysis (02 March 2023) of various sections that have been asked in the examination. Have a look at the table below and get acquainted with the difficulty level of the examination on day 1 of the SSC CGL Tier 2 examination.   

Section Difficulty Level
Quantitative Aptitude  Easy
General Awareness  Difficult
Reasoning  Easy
English  Easy-Moderate
Computer Proficiency  Moderate-Difficult
Overall Easy-Moderate

SSC CGL Analysis 02 March 2023: Questions Asked

General Awareness: 

  • First 4 ranker countries asked to be arranged rankwise based on the latest Human Development Index
  • Question from Atal Pension Yojna 
  • When did the Estimates Committee get established?
  • Budget comes under which article of indian constitution?
  • One question was based on the research of satendra nath bose.
  • When did Morely Minto reform got established.
  • Former Vice president gets which of following allowance – 2-3 statements were
  • Article 280-finance commission
  • Numerical question ( find the resistance) – current (given 3 amp, v = 18 , find resistance.)
  • Vitamin k is related to ?  (Ans. Blood clotting)
  • Riboflavin is the name of ? (Ans. vitamin B₂)
  • One question was based on the invention of the einstein.
  • Least literate state acc to 2011 census
  • Bhimbetka is in which state (MP)
  • When did Bose Einstein Condensate (State of Matter) Discovered? 1924-25
  • Multi option question related to Rabi Crop 
  • Who wrote the Tabaqat-i-Nasiri
  • GA question based on sports award like dronacharya 


  • Syno: Exclude
  • Idiom – In vogue
  • OWS – One who praises himself (Ans:Narcissist)
  • Fill in the blanks – Homonyms were given in the options – like – rote, root, route,
  • Passage Based on Sky Balloon and Mountain
  • Syn – contagious
  • 3 Reading comprehensions 1) India students going abroad for higher study, 2) spy balloon 3) mountain journey
  • Cloze test – Theme – One tribe/community of South Africa


  • Data Sufficiency – 2 Statements were given
  • Classification – Word
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • One Note
  • Presentation
  • Sitting Arrangement – Circular based – 6 persons – Inside facing
  •  Inequality – 1 Question
  • A =1, Z = 2 , C = ………
  • Some codes were given 
  • Meaningful word = ?


  • SinA+ SinB Formula asked
  •  2 questions from Stats ( 1 mean , 1 mode) & 1 question from probabilty
  • 1 question on time and work based on concept: efficiency is directly proportional to the square of radius
  • x+1/x = 4 find the value of x2+1/x2
  • 0.256% of 0.16
  • A shopkeeper bought an article in Rs. 5000 and sold it for Rs. 6000 in first year, whereas in second year he bought an article for Rs. 8000 and sold it for Rs. 13000. Find overall profit%.  


  • Command used to open hidden window
  • Many questions asked from M.S. excel
  • Question asked from trojan horse.
  • Which function key is used to refresh the page
    Ans: F5 

SSC CGL Tier 2 Shift Timings

We have tabulated below the SSC CGL Tier 2 schedule of the examination and shift timings of various days on which the exam is going to be conducted.   

Exam dates



Exam Timing

Reporting Time

Entry Closing Time


2nd, 3rd, 6th & 7th March, 2023


Paper-I (Section-I,  II and Module-I of Section-III)




09:00 AM to

11:15 AM

(09:00 AM to 12:00 Noon) 

 7:45 AM

8:30 AM

2 hours 15 minutes

(1 hour for each section and 15 minutes for Module-I of Section-III) 

3 hours for the candidates eligible for scribe as per Para 7.1 and 7.2 as per notice of examination

(1 hour and 20 minutes for each section and 20 minutes for Module-I of Section- III)

Paper-I (Module II of Section III)



02:00 PM to

02:40 PM

12:45 PM

1:30 PM

40 minutes (Including mock, break, typing self-verification)


4th March, 2023



09:00 AM to

11:00 AM

7:45 AM

8:30 AM

2 hours (for each Paper) 

(2 hours and 40 minutes for the candidates eligible for scribe as per Para 7.1 and 7.2 as per notice of examination)



02:00 PM to

04:00 PM

12:45 PM

1:30 PM

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