SSC CGL Sub Inspector in NIA: Salary, Job Profile & Career Growth

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

SSC CGL Sub Inspector NIA is one of the most popular posts of SSC CGL aspirants. It is a well-paying job with many career prospects. This attracts many aspirants to it. Candidates preparing for the post must be curious to know about the key responsibilities of a Sub Inspector in the National Investigation Agency. NIA Salary is often a point of curiosity for many as well.

Hence, in this post, we are providing you with all the details and required information related to the SSC CGL SI NIA salary, job profile, and promotion. Candidates who aspire to be Sub Inspector at National Investigation Agency should read all the details to know more about the coveted position.

SSC CGL Sub Inspector in NIA

SSC CGL NIA Sub-Inspector is a Group B position under the National Investigation Agency (NIA) department of the Ministry of Human Affairs (MHA). After the terrorist attack in Mumbai (26/11), the Indian government created the National Investigation Agency as a central agency to fight terrorism in India. Sub-Inspector, who works for the National Investigation Agency, is required to perform both law enforcement and intelligence duties.

NIA Sub Inspector Job Profile

NIA job profile of Sub Inspector who gets recruited through SSC CGL will be quite versatile and unique. Sub Inspector in NIA (National Investigation Agency), is an SI-level post offered through SSC CGL. It is mainly a field Job. NIA was formed in 2008 after the Mumbai attacks to counter Terrorism. As an officer with NIA sub-inspector, you will be working with this Law Enforcement agency on counter-terrorism operations.

NIA job profile will be mixed with that of an intelligence officer and also that of law enforcement. As Sub-inspector in NIA, candidates will be doing clerical court work (NIA has its separate courts and acts of prosecution), executing summons and warrants, examining witnesses, keeping their custody, collecting and analyzing intelligence and ground verification of previous intelligence and also at times being a part of the raiding/spot investigation team.

Sub-Inspector Job Profile in NIA

  • In order to find wanted offenders, sub-inspectors must participate in multiple raids alongside their superior authorities. This can occasionally make their work unsafe.
  • Sub-Inspectors must also deal with dangerous groups including drug cartels, global mafias, and terrorist groups.
  • The execution of summonses, administrative court activity, granting warrants to various entities and people, interrogating suspects and witnesses, maintaining their custody, and other duties are under the purview of SI.
  • Identify any impending dangers by analyzing the critical intelligence and confidential data already available.
  • Senior officials at the NIA will need the assistance of the sub-inspector whenever necessary.

Note: Previously, NIA used to recruit only officers on 4200-grade pay with two years of investigation experience from other agencies like Delhi Police, SPG, CBI, IB, etc. As per current standards, there is a direct recruitment process for the NIA posts too. 

NIA Sub Inspector Salary

NIA Sub-inspector is pay level-6 post and comes under the pay range of ₹ 35400 to 112400. After the 7th Pay Commission, the SSC CGL salary for NIA SI saw a huge jump and the grade pay is 4200. On the basis of it, the estimated salary is as follows:

  • Pay Scale: ₹ 35400 to 112400
  • Grade Pay: Rs. 4,200/-
  • Initial Pay: Rs. 9,300/-
  • Total Pay: Rs. 13,500/-
  • DA on Total Pay above (around 38%)
  • Transport Allowance (TA)
  • House Rent Allowance (if not provided with quarters)
  • Mobile Bill

SSC CGL Sub Inspector NIA Salary varies from city to city. Candidates who get posted to class X cities will get Rs. 43,166, Y cities candidates will get in hand salary of Rs. 39,492, and Rs. 37,664 for class Z cities.

NIA Salary Per Month

The pay scale of an NIA officer is ₹ 35400 to 112400 and grade pay is Rs. 4,200/. NIA Salary per month (in-hand) varies between Rs. 37,664 and Rs. 43,166 depending upon the city in which an individual gets his/her posting. Other than basic salary, NIA officer also gets additional allowances such as Dearness allowances, House Rent Allowance, mobile bills, etc. The whole package makes the SSC CGL job profile for NIA SI quite lucrative. 

NIA Sub Inspector Training Period

NIA SI training consists of theoretical, physical, and field training. Training for Sub-Inspector posts in NIA is being conducted at multiple venues. The nature of training for NIA SI is similar to that of Sub Inspector in CBI but more rigorous in nature, such as investigation, police attachments, etc. 

NIA Sub Inspector Working Hours

You will mostly have a proper work schedule as a Sub Inspector in NIA (National Investigation Agency). Daily you will be going in the morning and coming, but at times you may have to work extra hours and also shifts. 

SSC CGL Sub Inspector NIA Postings

You can be sent to any corner of the country where a suspected terrorist activity occurred. Selected candidates would be required to camp and investigate in the most interior and remote places. Also, you would be required to gather intelligence about any bomb blast site etc. Thus you cannot flaunt your card around, you have to work discretely without any power or authority. NIA has 5 branch offices in Hyderabad, Guwahati, Kochi, Lucknow, and Mumbai with Head Quarters in Delhi.

SSC CGL Sub Inspector NIA Promotion

To be initially promoted to the position of Inspector at the National Investigation Agency (NIA), one must first serve as a Sub-Inspector (SI) for around 5 to 6 years. Depending on the candidates’ performances and the department’s open positions, it may take longer to get there. In the course of a candidate’s employment with NIA, three to four promotions are possible.

The promotion cycle in the National Investigation Agency completely depends on the number of vacancies at the senior post and the waiting list. But, if we talk about the common rule of the promotion cycle in NIA, it can be along this line.

  • Sub Inspector in NIA
  • Inspector in NIA
  • Superintendent

SSC CGL Sub Inspector in NIA should be promoted to an Inspector rank after 5 years of service. Very similar to Delhi Police SI promotion stagnation, IPS officers on deputation mostly occupy senior posts, so rising very high up is not possible for a Sub Inspector. After 2-3 promotions, there will be a superposed stagnation of ranks. But with dedication and hard work, one can advance to the level of SP after years of service.

We hope we have provided sufficient information which will surely clear all your doubts regarding Sub Inspector in the NIA post offered under SSC CGL Exam.



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