SSC CGL Reasoning Classification Questions, Download Classification PDF

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

SSC CGL Classification is one of the most important topics of General Intelligence & Reasoning. SSC CGL exam comprises 4 sections which are Quantitative Aptitude, English Language & Comprehension, General Intelligence & Reasoning, and General Awareness. The SSC CGL reasoning section constitutes 25% of the total marks in tier-1 exam and 30 questions in tier 2 carrying a weightage of 3 marks each.

SSC CGL Reasoning syllabus is vast and covers questions from both verbal & non-verbal reasoning. If you go through the chapter-wise analysis of SSC CGL previous year question papers you can see that 4-5 questions are generally asked from the classification chapter. Hence, you cannot neglect this topic if you want to crack the Combined Graduate Level Examination. Check out the types of questions asked and tips to solve Classification questions in reasoning for SSC CGL.

Classification in Reasoning for SSC CGL

In Classification in Reasoning, you must correlate the three words/letters/numbers out of the four options. Your answer will be the odd option unrelated to the remaining three words. To strengthen this topic, we have compiled 100+ most important SSC CGL classification questions and answers for the SSC CGL 2023 exam. We advise you to attempt these questions multiple times to clear your concept and became a pro! Moreover, you can also download the Classification Reasoning Questions PDF to score well in the exam.

Practicing these questions will not only help you score well in CGL but are equally important for other exams like SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, SSC Stenographer, SSC CPO, etc. The SSC CGL Reasoning questions PDFs for Classification are available in English & Hindi language.

SSC CGL Classification Questions

Below we will provide you with all the reasoning PDFs which include one of the most crucial sections of the SSC CGL Syllabus for Reasoning i.e., Classification. Candidates are advised to practice these SSC CGL classification questions to gain maximum advantages. Some important questions of classification in reasoning for SSC CGL that are mentioned in PDFs are provided below:

1. In the following question, select the odd word pair from the given alternatives.
A. Mass-Balance
B. Temperature-Thermometer
C. Scale-Length
D. Pressure-Barometer
Ans. C

2. Three of the following four-letter clusters are alike in a certain way and one is different. Pick the odd one out.
Ans. D

3. In the following question, four groups of three numbers are given. In each group, the second and third numbers are related to the first number by a Logic/Rule/Relation. Three are similar on basis of the same Logic/Rule/Relation. Select the odd one out from the given alternatives.
A. (83, 97, 113)
B. (47, 61, 75)
C. (34, 48, 62)
D. (64, 78, 92)
Ans. A

4. In the following question, select the odd number pair from the given alternatives.
A. 12 – 121
B. 14 – 169
C. 16 – 215
D. 18 – 289
Ans. C

5. Select the odd word/letters/number/number pair from the given alternatives.
A. 4313
B. 5434
C. 8723
D. 3674
Ans. A

SSC CGL Classification Reasoning Questions PDF

For more questions like these, you can download the SSC CGL Reasoning Questions PDF for Classification provided below in both Hindi and English Language.

We hope we have provided you all with enough points to attempt Classification in Reasoning for SSC CGL in a smooth manner.

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SSC CGL Reasoning Classification Questions, Download Classification PDF

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