SSC CGL Examiner under CBEC: Job Profile, Salary & Career Growth

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

SSC CGL Examiner: Candidates who are planning to appear for SSC CGL Examiner under CBEC should know the job profile and salary details. It is a sought-after position that comes with great power and responsibilities. SSC CGL examiner is one of the most reputed positions and lakhs of candidates compete for it. If you are unaware of its perks and benefits, you’ve landed on the right page. Scroll down this page as here we have discussed all the details about SSC CGL Examiner post, including, its job profile, salary, etc.

SSC CGL Examiner

Examiner under CBEC is the most sought-after and very popular post offered by SSC CGL. One of the most common sayings attached to this post is that very less no. of positions are allotted under it and thus year after year, the cut-off remains very high for Examiner Post.

SSC CGL Examiner is an all-time coastal job. If posted in the current posting then the main duty of an Examiner is to give clearances, he has the power to access and examine goods, power to take samples, examine the cargo which needs to be imported or exported to other countries, and then, levies the charges (duty) on that shipment.

After examining the goods, the SSC CGL examiner needs to prepare lists, check the market values of confiscated goods, loading and unloading of the goods whether generally or specifically, escorting goods from one Customs area to the other(especially in the case of gold and other precious material), and any other customs work authorized to him by the Commissioner of Customs. Moreover, an examiner also needs to help the officers in Auctioning of Goods.

SSC CGL Examiner Job Profile

SSC CGL examiner is an inspector post. Candidates who want to be in this job profile should ensure that they know about it in advance. Based on whether one is posted on the field or in headquarters, the SSC CGL work profile can be different.

  • If posted in Headquarters: Clerical/File work
  • If posted in the Field: Executive work e.g. to examine the goods imported or to be exported and assessing duty on that

This is not a uniform post. Social respect and pride are attached to this post. An examiner enjoys much power when posted in the current posting i.e. on the port. As mentioned in work profile this is the only post offered through SSC CGL which provides so much authority to a Group B Non-Gazetted officer, which other posts don’t have.

SSC CGL Examiner Work Location

Work location will be mostly in coastal regions. You would get posting in 11 coastal cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Kochi, or Chennai, etc which are into 6 custom zones Kolkata, Kochin, Visakhapatnam, Chennai, Mumbai, and Goa.

SSC CGL Examiner under CBEC Career Growth

One of the main reasons that it is considered to be the best job offered by the SSC CGL Exam is faster promotions as compared to the other SSC CGL posts. Once you are placed as an Examiner under CBEC (Central Board of Excise and Customs) you can expect exceptionally well career growth.

The career progression can be seen in the following way.

  • Appraiser (Group-B Gazetted)
  • Assistant Commissioner
  • Deputy Commissioner
  • Joint Commissioner
  • Additional Commissioner
  • Commissioner

There is a qualifying period of 3 years for the promotion to the post of Appraiser; which means he can’t be promoted to that post before the completion of three years of service as SSC CGL Examiner. There is a departmental exam for confirmation; without passing in neither he can be made confirmed nor he can be promoted to the next post.

The promotion period differs from zone to zone since there is zonal seniority. For example, in the Chennai zone, the promotion to the appraiser is fastest as of now, normally 3 and half years. In Mumbai, it’s been almost 5 years.

SSC CGL Examiner Salary

SSC CGL examiner salary is a big motivation factor for many candidates. The SSC CGL salary for an examiner is considered quite good. After the 7th Pay Commission, Examiner posts have a basic pay of Rs. 46200. The complete salary breakdown of SSC CGL Examiner is as follows.

Basic + Allowances










Gross Salary


Total Government Deductions


Salary in Hand


SSC CGL Examiner Salary Slip

Here is the snippet of SSC CGL Examiner salary slip. Through this salary slip, you can get an idea about the deductions, basic salary, and other components. It will help you understand the various aspects of SSC CGL examiner salary better.


Examiner under CBEC: Physical Standards

To be an examiner under CBEC, candidates also need to meet certain physical standards. This is a part of SSC CGL eligibility criteria which candidates need to qualify to crack this position. These physical standards for examiners under CBEC differed for male and female candidates and are provided below.

SSC CGL Examiner Physical Test for Male

There are some physical standards that candidates should abide by. The following are the SSC CGL examiner physical standard and tests for male candidates.

Physical standards (Minimum)

  • Height: 157.5 cm
  • Chest: 81 cm (fully expanded with a minimum expansion of 5 cm)

Height relaxable by 5 cm (In the case of Garhwalis, Assamese, Gorkhas and members of Scheduled Tribes)

Physical Test

  • Walking: 1600 meters in 15 minutes
  • Cycling: 8 Km in 30 minutes

SSC CGL Examiner Physical Test for Female

All female candidates should consider SSC CGL examiner physical standards before applying for the exam. In addition to this, there will also be SSC CGL examiner physical test which one needs to qualify. Check out the details about it below.

Physical standards (Minimum)

  • Height: 152 cm
  • Weight: 48 Kg

Height relaxable by 2.5 cm and weight by 2 Kgs (In case of Gorkhas, Garhwalis, Assamese and members of Scheduled Tribes)

Physical Test

  • Walking: 1 Km in 20 minutes
  • Cycling: 3 Km in 25 minutes

SSC CGL Examiner Transfers

In the Examiner profile, you will remain only in the coastal region, so spouse ground for transfer will not work if you want a non-coastal transfer. Moreover, SSC CGL Examiner under CBEC is liable to transfer anywhere in his custom zone. You may get a temporary deputation (usually 1 year) to Northern India but otherwise would stay in coastal areas only.

We hope we have provided sufficient information which will surely clear all your doubts regarding Examiner (CBEC) post offered under SSC CGL Exam.



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