Tips & Tricks to solve Simplification questions for SSC CGL 2021

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Tips & Tricks to solve Simplification questions: In the Maths section, Simplification is considered as an important topic. The level of this section is increasing with every exam. The candidates must have clear understandings of concepts and practice a number of questions for quick calculations. Through this article, we will be sharing tips and tricks to crack questions of simplification quickly. These tips will be useful for the upcoming Railways & SSC Exams 2021.

Tips & Tricks to solve Simplification questions

This topic covers arithmetic concepts. The most important concept of simplification is VBODMAS. This rule governs the priority of operators when two or more operators are to be solved in an equation. 

In this way, we can solve sums very easily. The simplification questions at times become very complex and difficult to solve. For such questions, the candidates can apply digital sum and unit digit method for quick solutions. These two methods are explained below:-

Unit digit method

In simplification questions at times, we can eliminate options using unit digit method. It means instead of solving question until the end, we can find the unit digit to solve the question.

In this way, we can save our precious time. This method is very helpful when the options are not similar (not same unit digit). If the options are similar in that case we can use this method with another method i.e digit sum method.

Digit Sum Method

In this method, we keep on adding digits of the number till we get a single digit. According to this concept, the digit sum of an equation (addition, multiplication, subtraction) and its result remains same. Using this method along with unit digit can save a huge amount of time.

Types of Simplification questions

In exams, various types of simplification questions are asked. Some of the types are given below:

The candidates are advised to practice questions from previous exams and from various platforms for maximum exposer to gain experience and score well in the exam. After studying thoroughly, try the below-given quiz to check your level of preparation:

Quiz on Simplification: Attempt Now


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